Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Les Mills: Combat 30 - Kick Start (Review)

I've now run through Combat 30 several times now.  It's the first workout you're instructed to do when you begin the Combat workout calendar.  

Before this video, I was not new to kickboxing but I was not an expert by any means.  The terms were familiar to me - at least most of them - as was the form.  This video consists of the basics - jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, front kicks, back kicks, roundhouses.  

Your warm-up is a series of jabs, crosses, and shuffles.  You then move on to kicks.  All of this is rather low-impact and doesn't really get your heart rate up.  However, as you become more familiar with the video, you can definitely throw everything you have into those punches to get your heart pumping!

As the workout progresses, you learn some combinations that incorporate kicks, punches, and basic footwork - jacks and shuffles.  I try to make every move possible high impact, which helps to keep my heart rate elevated.  The hardest move is a jump kick - but it's fun!  
At the end you're given a short cool down.  

I can see why this workout appeals to both men and women.  It's fun, the music is fun, and the instructors are motivating without being annoying.  It's a good introduction to kickboxing and to Combat in general.  If your fitness level isn't quite up there yet, or if you cannot do high-impact moves, a modification is shown.  

Bottom Line: This is definitely a good intermediate workout for those starting kickboxing or Combat.  Your arms will ache afterward!

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