Friday, January 23, 2015


My book group chose a non-fiction work for the month of January and, once again, I'm amazed at how much I'm enjoying non-fiction.  Sure, as a history major, I'm used to reading non-fiction....but not non-history non-fiction.  Ha!

Here's the review for Cheryl Strayed's Wild that I posted to Goodreads (you may recognize the title as it's now a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon):

I had never heard of Cheryl Strayed's memoir until my book group recently chose to read Wild. And then I was excited by the idea of her journey (I love hiking! I love national parks! I love nature!). But when I read about Cheryl and how her story begins, I was appalled at just how selfish and idiotic she was. 

The situation of leaving her husband reminds me so much of Eat, Pray, Love. And it infuriates me! "Hello, husband. I love you but I'm really so busy with my own issues right now, that I"m going to break your heart just because it's inconvenient for me to be married while I find myself." Ugh! I hope Paul is getting some of her book money. 

Her journey, on the other hand, is fascinating. I loved it all! Strayed's writing is witty and personable; I didn't want to put the book down. My only disappointment was that she had to skip Yosemite; I would have loved to hear an account of that leg of the trail. 

If you can suffer reading about a woman who is truly messed up (don't get me started on the drugs), this is a fun read about a journey most of us won't ever get the opportunity to make.

I can honestly say that I have no interest in seeing the movie.

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