Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Michelle Dozois: BodyFit 360 Vol 2 - Dance Conditioning (Review)

I was so excited when Michelle Dozois announced two new BodyFit 360 workouts.  Unlike the new Athletic Conditioning workout, I was really looking forward to the Dance Conditioning one.  The original 360 is near and dear to my heart - it effortlessly combines dance, flexibility, and cardio.  I just love the concept.  That being said, this is not your old-school dance cardio.  This is something unique and effective.

The new Dance Conditioning 360 has premixes and chapters, which is very nice when you don't have an hour for a workout.  

When doing the whole thing, you start with cardio.  Michelle blends dance, yoga, and even some high-impact moves to get you warm and sweating.  Yes, I had sweat dripping off of me!  The high impact moves - mainly some squat jumps and dance hops - can easily be made into low impact moves if you want a lighter workout.  You move in every direction, standing up and on the floor.

After about 25-30 minutes of cardio, you move to the floor to work your arms.  This track is really hard for me.  You do push-ups, mermaids, spiders, and tricep work.  Ouch!

Next up is ab work.  This section is tough, though not quite as tough as the original 360.  There is quite a bit of focus on your obliques and even some quad work thrown in.  Wow.

After this you get to stretch and I love Michelle's stretching.  Here, she incorporates some more yoga to get your warm muscles nice and stretched out.

This workout is just so nice.  I love having lighter day workouts that make me sweat without killing me.  About 30 minutes of cardio is great, as is the stretch.  This is a great addition to the BodyFit 360 collection.

The entire workout runs for 55 minutes.  For a clip, go here.  

Bottom Line: While this is not a difficult workout as far as impact, some of the moves are challenging and some experience in dance or yoga will really help you get through it.

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