Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Chocolate Brownie Bread

For July 4th, I needed chocolate... I decided to try a new, delicious-looking dessert.  This one won the day. Brownie bread?!  Yes, please!  And I had some chocolate pudding mix I really needed to use up.  

My substitutions included a bit of Splenda instead of sugar...  And I doubled up on the cocoa.  I mean, really - can you have too much cocoa?  I also mixed my chocolate chips into the batter to get the inside of the bread nice and moisty-chocolatey.   

I took this bread to work and everyone seemed to really like it.  It was gone by lunch and there were not many people in the office.  Before it went to work with me, Mr. Higgins really liked it.  

You can never have too many chocolate desserts in your baking repertoire!

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