Sunday, July 30, 2017

STS Rotation #1: Mesocycle 2 Week 4

I cannot believe I'm almost done with Mesocycle 2.  Wow!  Time is flying and I'm loving STS.  It's a great program and Cathe continues to impress me.

This week will be a bit different as I'll be out of town at a conference from Wednesday to Saturday.  

Monday: Cathe's HIIT Pyramid + Greatest Hits Vol. 1: Step + walk + YWA

I was not looking forward to this HIIT but I made it through and was so proud of myself.  These HIIT routines are tough and I'm so glad my body has gotten conditioned enough to get through them.  After that, I did a bit of step to round out the morning and lower my heart rate a bit.  At lunch, I walked at the rec center, though I was supposed to do weights.  But my body was tired and achy so I decided to just walk.  After work, I did this YWA about rabbit pose - and finally learned how to do it properly!

Tuesday: STS Legs

Pain and more pain today.  This STS Legs seemed especially cruel.  In the first triset, Cathe has you doing leg presses and slide back lunges.  OUCH!  Then, in the last triset, she has you do 45 degree lunges and then pulsing low lunges.  More ouch!  But I always feel super confident and productive after these leg workouts.  Especially now that I can do chair step ups (leg presses) when I'm not holding a weight.  Maybe in a few more weeks I can add a weight!

Wednesday: STS Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps + Cathe's IMAX 2 + biking

What a day.  I woke up at home and did STS, which lasted for 45 minutes.  Then, because I had a noon flight, I was able to get in some extra time.  So I did 35 minutes of IMAX 2.  That was fun and different.  And I was tired by the end of all that!  Later in the day, in California, a co-worker and I rented bikes and biked along the beach.  So nice!  The weather was perfect - 75 and sunny.  We biked for 10 miles, my Fitbit tells me, and it was lovely.  Then, we walked....a lot.  I was exhausted!

Thursday:  Cathe's XTrain All Out Low Impact HIIT + XTrain Bonus - Barre + YWA

Despite being so tired, I did not sleep well in my hotel room.  My stomach was upset and when it woke me up at 4:45, there was no more sleep to be had.  So, I did my workout.  I'm so glad I had low-impact planned for today because that's probably all I could have done.  I did this HIIT, which lasted 40 minutes and it was a good workout!  Then, the bonus barre was new to me and a very nice addition, at only 15 minutes in length.  I did a short stretch and then tuned into this YWA.  A good morning, despite the exhaustion.

Friday: Cathe's Birthday Bash + Pauline Nordin's Butt Bible Lower Level 3

Cathe's birthday was last week so she did a special live workout on the day she turned 53.  Wow!  The woman is unbelievable!  It was a really fun workout.  It started with kickboxing and then went into some circuits and finally, straight cardio.  Whew!  I then did Butt Bible but without weights since I was in my hotel room.  It was still tough and it still hurt - good to know bodyweight exercises are super effective!

Saturday: YWA + abs

This was a nice, light yoga - just what I needed today after a tough week of workouts.  My body thanked me.  Ha!  After that loveliness, I did about 8 minutes of abs with Cathe.  Good grief, she is rough on the abs!  Ouch!

Sunday:  STS Back and Biceps + Cathe's Ripped with HIIT: Low Impact HIIT One + 240  lunges

I started with the HIIT this morning - and am still amazed at how hard you get worked in this low impact HIIT.  I added on a bit to make this a full 30 minutes of cardio.  And then on to walking lunges.  I meant to do 220 but somehow miscounted and went up to 240.  Dang!  My legs were definitely feeling them.  Lastly, my last STS for Mesocycle 2.  And, thankfully, this one was only 45 minutes.  I was tired after all the travel this week.  But, a good morning of working out.

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