Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Army of....Kittehs

There are about ten stray cats that live around my house and the neighbors' house. From what I can tell, they're around because the neighbors have an outside cat, so there's always food out. Most of them run away from me if I take one step towards them. They have no problem, however, sleeping on top of my car!

Despite that, I've had fun trying to name them all....and keep them all straight. One who always hangs around my backyard is now the owner of a good, solid Roman name: Lucretius. Of course, he may actually be a she, for all I know!

My favorite kitty - and the only one who lets me pet him - is all black. I've named him Lucius. He's so skinny it's painful! I've set water out for all the kitties throughout the blazing hot summer, but now I've started giving Lucius some food every other day. In my mind, the less he has to wander, the less likely he is to get hit by a car.

There are also two kittens that live, apparently, under the neighbors' porch. It's all I can do to not adopt these precious little ones! I just need to train all these kitties in the art of ninja warfare so that they can attack any would-be burglars. Ha!

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