Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crisis Averted

On Monday after lunch, my throat started feeling a little scratchy. By Monday evening, I was sure I was getting sick as my throat was getting worse.

It was worse on Tuesday and I felt really sluggish. I left work early to take a nap and rest.

On Wednesday morning I wasn't any worse but I still didn't feel great. I decided to stay home, work from there for half a day, and rest the other half. I took a nap and ate healthy. By evening, I actually felt a little better. I went to bed super early, though, just in case.

This morning, I feel pretty good, outside of a headache. (I always get a headache when I sleep too much. Sucks, I know.) I can't say that I slept the entire time I was in bed but the rest seems to have done me good!

Hopefully, the sudden change in weather caused this - not some nasty virus. But it's imperative that I not get sick. Mr. Higgins and I leave for Colorado in a week and there can be no illnesses! We have roads to travel and mountains to see - and climb!

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