Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Knitting

It's finally cooling off here (upper eighties and lower nineties for highs) after a scorcher of a summer. The idea of fall makes me think of pumpkins, beautiful foliage, sweaters, hot tea.....

....and knitting! My knitting time has been none existent lately but a blessing in disguise has happened.... Mr. Higgins loves college football and I like knitting to sports. It's the perfect combination: Mr. Higgins + sports + knitting = happy!

I've already started knitting two key Christmas presents. At my current rate, I'll finish them in mid-December....ha! I'm also idly crocheting on my first (and only) crochet project, a scarf started in a class.

Now I just need it to get cool enough for hot tea! Yay, fall!

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