Monday, September 13, 2010

Craziness on the Road

Sometimes, despite living here most of my life, driving in this city scares me.

On Thursday night, while going to Mr. Higgins' well after the rush hour crowd had passed, I passed a guy before getting on the highway. I was in the correct lane; he was in the lane required to merge with mine. Apparently he didn't like that. He merged onto the highway a good 500 yards before it was legal to do so, forced me to slam on my breaks and merge behind him (or else be forced to exit in an exit only lane), cut me off every other time I tried to change lanes, and finally slammed on his breaks to send me - almost - crashing into him. At that point, I was so furious I tailgated him for ten miles. He rode the fast lane, though people were tailgating me for going too slow behind him!

Now, I'm sorry, but the idiot needs to grow a pair and learn that a light blue truck is not at all manly...especially when driven by a moron.

Then, at night, I passed a guy who was going too slow. I didn't tailgate him or get mad, I just passed him like a normal person, using my turn signal when appropriate. He apparently didn't like that, so he turned on his high beams for five minutes once I was in front of him.

Now, he needs to learn to take it like a man and not endanger everyone on the road with his adolescence.

And the other day, I saw a woman brushing her teeth while driving at over 60mph. Stupid!

I get so frustrated sometimes! Driving is like an obstacle course. You must dodge idiots and morons at every turn and one moment of inattention on your part can lead to someone else careening into you. Sigh. Defensive driving is the only way to go out there.

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