Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Herb Biscuits (2014:11)

When trying new recipes, it's inevitable that some just don't work.  Some are mediocre and unexciting while some fail....on an epic scale.

I was all ready to make soup last weekend but wanted something other than cornbread to go with it.  Recently, I've read about how Bisquick is not so good for you (like everything else in the store, it seems), so I've been wanting to try a biscuit-y recipe using flour, etc, instead of Bisquick.  When I found this recipe for Herb Biscuits, I thought I'd accomplished my two goals. 

Like other biscuits - and Bisquick biscuits - I dropped this dough onto a greased cookie sheet.  Perhaps that was my mistake.  The biscuits did not rise - actually, they just spread out and gained, maybe a quarter-inch of hieght.  The texture was so that a knife could not cut them, they were so chewy (but, yes, done).  They were also too salty.

When I saw and tasted the result of my efforts, I double-checked the recipe: yes, I followed it exactly.  My baking powder is new, so that wasn't the problem....  So, I have no idea.  Maybe the recipe has a typo. 

I'll keep looking for a good drop biscuit from scratch recipe.

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