Friday, March 21, 2014

Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret (Review)

A few years ago, my mom found and bought a Yoga Booty Ballet video in the store.  I liked it enough to buy some of the series myself.  One video set includes Cardio Cabaret and Hip Hop Abs.  Today, I'll review the Cardio Cabaret workout.

Yoga Booty Ballet is taught by two fabulous ladies, Teigh and Gillian.  Gillian generally teaches more of the yoga and ballet moves while Teigh does more of the strength training portions. 

Cardio Cabaret starts slowly with some yoga and meditation and then quickly transitions to some fun dance moves.  This is pure dance but it's also pure fun!  This is not a high intensity workout; it's much lighter and less stressful!  Your will shake those hips and butt!

The Cabaret section ends with some ballet to work on your balance followed by a good stretching segment.  

Cons: I'm not into meditation so I always fast forward through that bit at the beginning.

Bottom Line: For a beginner, this is a great way to get some light, fun cardio into your day, without taking up too much time (especially if you skip the meditating!).

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