Monday, March 17, 2014

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (2014:10)

At Thanksgiving with my cousins this past year, there was a dish of Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.  I passed on it but tried a bit from my mother's plate.  It made me want to try making fresh Brussels sprouts.

As a kid, my mom always bought the Green Giant microwave in butter sauce Brussels spouts.  They were alright.  As an adult, I thought that surely there was a better way to make these ugly green vegetables edible.  

And so I ran across this recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  Having no interest in walnuts and not wanting the calories of cranberries, I roasted only the sprouts.  It was interesting how they cooked - and how brown the outer layers got.  I peeled back the layers and the sprouts were green and tender underneath.

I thought this was a good recipe, though it needed more salt (I barely dashed a bit on them).  Mr. Higgins, never a fan of Brussels sprouts, ate them without complaining but asked to never have them again.  Ha!  I'll stick to other veggies but it's good to know how to make this side dish...if one ever needs variety. 

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