Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cruise Time Again!

Today we board a ship for my 10th cruise.  And no, that's not many cruises at all!  It will be Mr. Higgins' 19th cruise!  

This cruise was spur of the moment, for us, at least.  We booked it only a month out when it became apparent that we needed 8 more nights on a ship to get to the next level of Royal Caribbean's award program.  We're very strategic in our thinking and cruise planning!

But we are so genuinely excited about this cruise even though it's not a new ship for Mr. Higgins (though it is for me) and no new ports.  It's a big ship - and we've been on only small ships for the last two years - so that's exciting.  And we get to go to some of our favorite places ever.  As much as I like new places, I love the familiarity of finding great places and knowing everything about them.  It means I can look forward to them instead of stressing about details and uncertainties.  LOL!

And we are getting to a new place, after all!  While docked at St. Kitts, we're going to take the ferry over to Nevis (pronounced Nee-vis) to see a new island. 

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