Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I'm back from the Caribbean where we had a lovely cruise!  

As I mentioned before, our new island for this trip was Nevis, which is a 45-minute ferry ride from St. Kitts.  The ferry was fun; the water was a beautiful Caribbean blue.  The times for the ferry, however, were not great.  We had only about two hours to spend on the island before turning around and sailing back to Kitts.  

We decided to go to a beach and visit the local famous hangout, Sunshine's Beach Bar.  The beaches on Kitts and Nevis aren't great but we sat on some loungers and got a few Killer Bees, the signature drink of Sunshine's.  Wow.  They are definitely killer; two of them almost killed me!  

All in all, I'm so glad to have visited Nevis.  The mountain is always shrouded by clouds and it was neat looking up at it, instead of across an ocean at it.  

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