Monday, November 24, 2014

Thoughts and Conclusions: Peak 10 Challenge #2

My second Peak 10 Challenge is officially complete!  I continue to love this program.  It's the most effective way I've found to shed pounds and get into the best shape ever.  No joke.

As you know, in the midst of this Challenge, I was treated for hyperthyroidism.  Near the end of it, my thyroid levels were finally going down a bit.  I was worried about gaining weight...but that sure didn't happen!


There's nothing like hearing your doctor say "yeah, treatment for hyperthyroidism will really screw up your healthy, fit lifestyle" to keep you motivated.  During this time, I also enrolled in a wellness program at work, which kept me plenty motivated as well.  My beginning and end measurements proved that I had worked hard and lost inches as well as pounds.  Yay!


I won't go through all the numbers, but I lost 5 pounds.  I could not believe it.  My weight is the lowest it's been since before marriage - three years ago!  It's safe to say that I'm in the best shape of my life.  I'm not in the best shape of everyone anytime ever, but I've built upon the previous Challenge and made significant gains.   Here are some numbers (how many I can do in the time allotted in the Fit Test).

                                   Before          After

Squats                           53                58
Lunges                           43                47
Burpees                         25                28
Tuck jumps                    55                66
Pushups (knees)            30                38
Ankle Grabbers              20                23
Sit Outs                          28                38
Frog Jump                      32                38
Fence Hoppers              73                 80
Jump Shot                      32                37

Compare those to those of the last Challenge.  Wow.  And I did this concluding Fit Test at 5:30am, which I've never done before.  I'm super pleased with the results. 

Going Forward

Right now, I'm on a cruise.  I got into the best shape of my life and now I'm lazing around, eating too much.  Ha!  But that's why we live, right?  To have adventures with loved ones!  Besides, if I stayed at the level I was at, by the end of the Challenge, it would be tougher and tougher to find challenging workouts.  After the cruise, I'll be starting over, ramping up and up.

Between the end of the cruise and Christmas, I'll do a Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge - just to call it something.  I'll try to lose some cruise weight and stay in shape before I take a week off at Christmas.  After that, I'll do another Peak 10 Challenge.  Yay! 

At the end of this Challenge, I was exhausted.  I did not take a day off from working out in a very long time.  Sure, I did some very light workouts but I always wanted to move.  Plus, since I started doing weights and yoga at work, that added in even more workouts that just tired me out after a while.  It'll be good to have a week off. 

One of greatest things that helped me the most through this Challenge was FitnessGlo.  I was able to change up my workouts, try new things, and stay motivated instead of getting stuck in a rut.  If you find yourself bored with your workouts, give it a try - you can do that for free for 2 weeks! 

And if you want to get into great shape, try PeakFit.  You won't regret it!

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