Monday, November 3, 2014

Week Eight: Peak 10 Challenge #2

And, here we go!  Another week!  But this is not my last week of the eight-week challenge, since I had two "off" weeks in the middle.  

Because of my birthday last week, I'm super motivated to burn some extra calories.  You may think I'm crazy for working out so much and I may be.  But because of my thyroid issues, I want to be super active since my metabolism is gradually slowing down as my thyroid is slowly dying.

Monday: McLean's HIIT - Bodyweight Circuits + yoga

I was not feeling super rested this morning but I got up and did McLean's HIIT workout before I could talk myself out of it.  This takes the place of Pure Cardio this week; I need something different.  At lunch it was time for yoga at the rec.  Last week's relaxing stretch was no more.  Today, we got a tough workout and I sweated more than I ever have. The class culminated in handstands against the wall.  Wow!

Tuesday:  Dynamic Flexibility + Cardio Strength 1 on Glo + weights

Wow.  I got up this morning after another restless night of little sleep and went through Dynamic Flex, which felt great.  At lunch, I did 35 minutes of weights at the rec.  Ugh.  There's nothing like working out next to 18-year-olds to make you feel slow and weak.  After work, I got in my extra CS for the week, going through CS1 on Glo again.  It's fun but super hard.  Afterward, I was so tired.

Wednesday: Ilyse's Ten Minute Lower Body Sculpt + Michelle's Barre Fusion + yoga

After yesterday's workout marathon, I needed something lighter today.  I started with Ilyse's leg workout, which was tough.  Then came Michelle's 30-minute Barre workout....which was also tough.  Michelle doesn't do anything light and easy - ha!  I was looking forward to yoga at lunch...and it was tough.  Who knew holding lunges for an extended period would be so dang difficult?!  I left the class with shaky legs and aching shoulders - stupid down dog!

Thursday: Ilyse's Dance Intervals 101 + Michelle's HIIT - Breathless and Energized + weights

I was really looking forward to Ilyse's workout, done now for a third time.  But I forgot that this one is more cardio than dance.  Wow, my heart rate was up and I was jumping and jogging like crazy!  Michelle's HIIT is HIIT can be.  Ha!  Weights at lunch did not sound appealing since my shoulders were still aching....but I powered through.  It helps that I go with my co-workers; accountability is good!

Friday:  Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

Every time I do this workout, I get better at it.  It's so hard, because within every peak circuit you do jumping jacks of some kind, push-ups of some variation, and a peak.  It's non-stop and crazy.  

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Strength + Michelle's Strength Lower Body

This was a tough morning of working out.  This cardio strength always get me.  Because I have a cruise coming up - and probably because I'm a masochist - I finished off my workout with Michelle's lower body circuit on Glo.  I skipped the warm-up and got right into it after my CS.  It makes my thighs burn like nothing else.  Ouch!  I took extra time to stretch after all this.

Sunday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn + abs

I always think of this CIB, the original CIB, as being the easiest.  There's no floor work, which is a blessed relief.  But this is still a very challenging workout.  Especially on mornings like today, when I woke up with a headache.  Thankfully, I think the workout helped it, in the end.  I felt a lot better afterward.  I finished it off with five minutes of ab work.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1532
Tuesday - 1341
Wednesday - 1354
Thursday - 1586
Friday - bad!
Saturday - 1395
Sunday - 1477

I had to go to social things on Monday and Thursday and though my calories were up those days, I'm happy I didn't completely blow my diet.   Next week will be better….we only have 1.75 weeks until our cruise!  Eek!

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