Friday, September 18, 2015

No Bake Energy Bites (2015:17)

Mr. Higgins' mom made a variation of these No Bake Energy Bites a few years ago and I loved them!  I think she added more chocolate and coconut because they were almost addicting.  

I decided to try to make my own....and tried not to tamper with the recipe too, too much.  For my bites, I used honey, mini chocolate chips.....and added a scoop of vanilla protein powder.  It couldn't hurt, right?  They were a bit difficult to get stuck together (into balls) but that's my only complaint.

These are quite tasty but I think I'll use normal chocolate chips next time.  With the minis, the chocolate gets lost in the other stuff.  I can't really claim that they give me energy....they actually seem to make me hungry.  But they're tasty!  Ha!

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