Monday, September 21, 2015

Week Five: Combat Challenge #2

It's back to the routine this week.  Thankfully, I like routines!

And I'm back to being accountable for my calorie intake.  Our hiking trip to Colorado is less than a month away and I need to be ready for it!  Thankfully, I don't have much weight to lose….but I need to lose a few pounds!

Monday: Les Mills' Sh'Bam #14 + Ilyse's Your Best, Sweaty Self

This was a really fun Sh'Bam - with minimal stupid trendy moves.  Ha!  I had a lot of fun and got sweaty!  Then I got more sweaty with Ilyse.  She sure brings it with this workout.  Whew!  It's something else - something non-stop and semi-brutal.  I like it but it was tough this morning!  Lunch today was a lecture by our nutritionist.  Fun!

Tuesday: Les Mills' Combat #58 + walk

What a fun way to start the day!  Punching, kicking, and jabbing.  LOL!  This Combat was a lot of fun and, thankfully, about 38 minutes long.  After it ended, I did my own cardio and then a stretch, for a nice 50-minute workout. At lunch, I forced myself onto a treadmill to do more inclines.  I'm upping it and upping it.....  Whew!  Once again, 200 calories burned just by increasing the incline and sweating it out!

Wednesday:  Les Mills' Grit #7 + Ily'se Heart-Pumping Groove + PeakFit Pure Strength 2

I did an extra workout today at home.  I got up and did PS2 from the PeakFit System - but only one round for each muscle group - about 20 minutes total.  Then, in the evening, I did Grit and Ilyse's fun new dance workout.  Grit almost killed me - par the course - but Ilyse was so much fun!  I love this new low-impact dance video.  Then, a nice stretch.  55 minutes of cardio!!

Thursday: Combat 60 - Extreme Cardio Fighter

This is always a fun workout!  It's such a good combination of upper and lower body.  It's not easy, though.  Whoever said punching for an extended period was easy, obviously had never tried it before.  Ouch!

Friday:  Les Mills' Flow #65 + Dozois' Hip and Thigh Toner + weights

Ah, my light morning!  I love it!  This Flow was really good yoga.  It had some great sun salutations and then hip opening moves.  Awesome!  It last about 35 minutes.  I then had time for Dozois' leg workout.  Ouch!  At lunch, I went to the rec and did weights.  It's never my most fun workout but at least it's over with for the week! 

Saturday:  Dozois' Cardio Interval Burn on Glo

Wow.  I always think this one is going to be easy and it never is.  There isn't much floor work but what there is, is tough.  I chose to do this instead of more Combat because there's nothing like Michelle's cardio to get you in shape…and I need to do that, and quickly!  

Sunday:  Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix

I thought this would be easy after yesterday but….nope.  There's something about these workouts with weights that are so hard for me….  And Michelle takes you to the floor in every circuit but the last….oy.  I was really struggling….but somehow I made it through.  Ugh.  

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1271
Tuesday - 1242
Wednesday - 1288
Thursday - 1345
Friday -  1379
Saturday - 1393
Sunday - 1326

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