Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week Two of a Beat Down

Last week, something happened at work on Monday - which was my first day of feeling almost human after my cold - and it was awful.  The incident was so awful that a colleague "reported" it to the higher ups and suggested I do the same.  

This week, something different but just as bad has happened.  It seriously makes me think I should not have returned from vacation.  

Both incidents could be taken personally, though I'm trying very hard to not be personally offended.  Shocking, for me.  I have to work with these people and vice versa, so I really don't understand the haphazard burning of bridges.  

Thankfully, everyone, including my boss and her boss, knows that none of this is my fault.  They know I'm doing my job well.  The problem is that other people either don't understand what we do or have unrealistic expectations of what we can do.  My profession is not as widely known as theirs and I honestly think that most people have no clue as to what we do every day.  

So after two weeks and two incidents, I'm ready for my calm workplace to return.  In the meantime, a stiff drink may be in order!

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