Monday, March 28, 2016

Four Week Post-Cruise Workouts: Week 3

I've enjoyed doing some different workouts the past two weeks.  Sometimes not doing Peak and Combat is refreshing!  Changing things up can never really be a bad thing, eh?

And no worries about the motivation part - my bad eating keeps me motivated.  Ha!

Monday: Ilyse's Groovy Dance Party + Amy's Sports Sculpt + yoga

I really enjoy my Monday workouts - always a bit lighter after a weekend of tough workouts.  This morning, Ilyse got me going with dance - this is such a good one!  Then, Amy's workout was mostly low-impact but had some high-impact circuits to keep your heart rate up.  During both workouts, I tried to make as much high-impact as possible.  At lunch, I treated myself to yoga at the rec.....and I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow.  My hips have never been so thoroughly stretch.  Wow!

Tuesday:  Ilyse's Dance Intervals 101 + Scott's HIIT - Sports Inspired Intervals + weights

Time for some impact this morning!  Ilyse's dance workout gets you going very quickly.  After about a 4-minute warm-up, you're jumping and running and hopping for a good five minutes straight.  That first interval gets me every time.  Whew!  After her workout, I tuned into Scott's intervals for about 15 minutes.  At lunch, I did weights at the rec center - woohoo!  Week two of weights at the rec done!

Wednesday:  Ilyse's Your Best, Sweaty Self + Dozois' HIIT - Breathless and Energized

So I'm doing a lot of Ilyse's workouts this week!  Ha!  This is one of the few cardio athletic, level 3, workouts that she has done and it's great.  There is no stopping in this thing!  It's tough and it worked me hard - which was good!  After that, I did Michelle's HIIT, which is always tough with the lunge jumps.  Oy.  I'll never like those dreaded things!

Thursday:  Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped 1000

When was the last time I did a Jari Love workout?!  This morning, it was a nice change.  I used the 8-pound dumbbells throughout.  And I kept the cardio low-impact to give my knees and feet a break.  I was still sweating like crazy.  I did a few chest presses and flies with the 12-pound weights after the workout ended.  Ouch!  At lunch, I walked for about 20 minutes outside.  

Friday:  Cathe's Intensity + Dozois' BodyFit 360 Vol 3: Athletic Conditioning

My rest day will be tomorrow so I did my Saturday workout today!  I did all of Cathe's step and then both the Hi and Low HIIT.  Whew!  When put all together, that's one tough workout!  It lasted about 55 minutes.  At that point, I did 15 minutes of the cardio from Athletic Conditioning - also very tough!  I spent a good 15 minutes stretching and doing sit-ups afterward.  

Saturday:  Jillian Michaels' 6 Week Six-Pack + Yoga for the Warrior

I wanted light today - since it's my "rest" day.  I did the non-advanced 30-minute workout on Jillian's DVD.  Even though it's not advanced, it is tough!  She has tons of standing and floor ab work….with low-impact cardio bursts every few sets.  I was sweating!  After that, I did most of Yoga for the Warrior (50 out of 60 minutes).  I'm really liking that one, the more I do it.  Hopefully I can post a review of it soon.

Sunday: Peak 10 More Cardio Strength + McLean's Cardio Hip Hop

Today, I was hurting from Jillian's ab workout.  Dang!  And this CS is not fun….but I got through it.  And I was proud of myself at the end….it is tough!  SO much floor work!  After that, I tuned into McLean's dance workout for 20 minutes.  It's one of my favorites, for sure.  And it helped me with my step count.  After that, a good stretch and a few sit-ups and planks….just to torture my already sore midsection.

Calorie Counts:

To be honest, this was a bad week.  I'm hoping to do better next week.  Sigh.

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