Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beer Pork + Cornbread Waffles

Oh, boy.  I wanted to make pork tacos.  I was craving tacos.  Carnitas.  When searching for recipes, I settled up on this one, which I call Beer Pork.  Ha!

We're not beer drinkers so buying a can of beer at the 7-Eleven was a bit traumatic.  Especially since the guy in front of me was buying a six pack and cigarettes.  Oy.  But I bought it and went home to happily pour it over pork.  

Mr. Higgins likes tacos.....but he likes cornbread more.  When I showed him a recipe for Cornbread Waffles, he requested them with the pork.  Because he actually requests very few things, I decided to make them for him.

I followed both recipes exactly and they were tasty.  I probably won't "crisp" the pork again - this seemed unnecessary and dried out the meat.  But it went well with tortillas and cornbread waffles.


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