Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Estes Park in Winter

We're back from a long weekend in Estes Park, Colorado.  It's one of our favorite places along with the neighboring Rocky Mountain National Park.  

We got one good day of snow over the weekend so we decided to drive into the park and see what was going on at a higher elevation.  

This is what we encountered at Bear Lake.  The snow was blowing like crazy and the lake was iced over.  How incredible is that!  We somehow managed the hike around the lake, though the snow came up to our knees in spots.  

But the cold hike was worth it, for perfect pictures like this.  It was truly gorgeous, all around the lake.  And we didn't encounter any souls as crazy as we were, which was really nice.

It was our very own winter wonderland!

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Stephanie said...

That photo of the trees looks like something from a magazine! Beautiful!