Monday, December 26, 2016

FitnessGlo Challenge #2: Week Eight

Okay, so things are getting pretty busy as we get closer to the holidays.  Work is also a nightmare so I'm just barely holding things together.  Sigh.

Let's hope I can get in all my workouts...

Monday: Petra's High Intensity Drills + Ilyse's Easy to Follow Dance Moves

As I started moving this morning, I realized I was really sore from Sunday's workout.  My bum and thighs were not happy!  Ha!  But those muscles got a good workout today...  Petra's Drills are not easy but I made it through in one piece.  Next up, Ilyse - so much fun.  I really enjoy her dance videos, this one included.  It was a nice finish to the morning!

Tuesday: Ilyse's Your Best, Sweaty Self + Dance Intervals 101

I wanted to work just a bit harder this morning, so I tuned into one of Ilyse's toughest workouts.  Dang!  You definitely get sweaty in this one, since you never once stop moving!  It was a relief to get to Intervals.....but you never stop moving in that one, either!  Wow!  I jumped, jogged, and jacked all morning long!

Wednesday: Denise's Endurance Challenge + Amy's Combo Strength Conditioning + walk

Today, I wanted to take it down just a notch.  I've had three days of very high intensity workouts so my feet needed a bit of a break.  I kept Denise's workout mostly low-impact and only jogged lightly in place when that came around.  This one is a lot like her Interval Sweat - very, very similar.  After that, I did about 10 minutes of Amy's weighted workout.  At lunch, I walked outside for about 20 minutes - and got a lot of steps!

Thursday: Michelle's Calorie Burning Cardio Blast + HIIT - Breathless and Energized + Scott's HIIT - Sports Inspired Intervals + walk

It was time to work hard today.  So, HIIT!  Yay!  Sigh.  I started with the lesser of Michelle's two evils.  Cardio Blast is fun and it definitely got my heart rate going.  Next up, her HIIT always gets me struggling for breath.  But talk about effective!  And last, Scott's Intervals are fun and not quite as intense, mainly because you get a longer rest period.  At lunch, I walked outside for 20 minutes.  

Friday: Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped! 1000 Hardcore

I'm off for the holidays, as of today.  Yay! I celebrated by working out for longer.  Ha!  I did all of Jari Love's video - which alternates weights and cardio.  It's definitely not an easy workout.  My arms and legs were dying with all the weighted compound exercises.  Dang.  And the cardio is not at all easy.  That lasted for an hour.  I then did the ab work and finally stretched.  Nice!

Saturday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn - Fat Blaster + Ilyse's Just Dance

Since I won't work out on Christmas Day, I wanted a good workout today.  So, a CIB it was!  This one is so much fun.  It's also very tough.  But I love it!   I did all the peaks and felt good afterward.  So, then I tuned into Ilyse's dance workout...  I love her fun dances.  This one was good to do after a CIB as it's a bit lighter.  That made for 70 minutes of cardio.  I then did some sit-ups and stretched.

Sunday: REST

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