Monday, December 5, 2016

FitnessGlo Challenge #2: Week Five

It was nice having two days off from workouts at Thanksgiving.  I didn't really want to do that but, oh well.  My body got a break.  

Now I'm motivated to work hard whenever I can.  There's always so much going on during the holiday season but we must take time for ourselves to stay healthy and happy.  And, amazingly, I'm always happier when I'm eating right and working out consistently.

Monday:  Amy's Intervals + Kickboxing Skills and Drills

After a horrible night of little sleep, I was very uncertain about these Intervals.  I made a few of them a little....less intense....but managed to get through all of Amy's workout.  The treat, afterward, was tuning into her kickboxing workout.  At its start, there's a lot of cardio and jumping so at least I felt like my hard work continued.  So, a very good morning, despite a sleepless night.

Tuesday: Scott's Boot Camp Burn

This morning, I felt so much better after a good 8 hours of sleep.  It's amazing how much better one can feel!  So I was ready to do weights this morning!   My feet have been protesting all the high intensity, though, so I decided to keep this one low-impact today.  I walked for a while at lunch, but just outside and only for about 10-15 minutes.

Wednesday: Ilyse's Work Hard, Have a Great Time + Dozois' Calorie Burning Cardio Blast + walk

I wasn't looking forward to Ilyse's workout....but thankfully it wasn't as bad as I remembered.   My least favorite move: jumping knee touches.  I don't know why, I just hate those.  After that workout, I tuned into Michelle's quick Blast - always fun and super effective!  I felt well worked after all this.  Ha!  At lunch, I took a 20 minute walk outside, enjoying the crisp (finally!) air.  

Thursday: Cathe's Intensity + weights

Today, I wanted cardio.  Cathe seemed like a good idea and she definitely got me going this morning!  Whew!  After the step section, I did the Low HIIT but made it as high-impact as possible.  And it was a good workout, for sure!  At lunch, I went to the rec to do weights, despite a better invitation involving food.  Ha!  Talk about resolve!  And I felt better - if not full - afterward.

Friday: Crunch's Fat Burning Pilates

My only light day for the next three weeks.  I better enjoy this one - and I did!  Ellen Barrett is so much fun and I love this workout.  You will plie yourself to death - but that's a good thing!  I skipped a bit of the standing section to be sure to do all the ab work.  It was a nice, productive morning!

Saturday: Cardio Strength 2 on Glo + Ilyse's Fun and Easy Cardio Dance + weights

I was not looking forward to this CS - but I really wanted to work hard.  So I suffered through it.  Why is it so hard?  There's a lot of tough floor work.  Sigh.  Despite feeling fat and eating too much, I think my fitness level is still up there.  So, yay!  After that 50 minute workout, I tuned into a new-to-me workout by Ilyse - Cardio Dance.  And it was fun and easy!  So, 20 minutes of that followed by five minutes with the 12-pound weights.  Then, finally, a stretch!

Sunday: Cardio Interval Burn on Glo + Amy's Total Package

Lots of cardio today!  CIB was first up.  This Glo CIB gets progressively tougher so there's no point at which you feel better.  Ha!  But it's good - and effective.  After that 55 minutes (ouch!), I tuned into Amy's unique workout just to take it down a notch (my feet were hurting).  Amy works you hard without killing you - nice!  After twenty minutes of that, I did a nice stretch and ab work.

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