Monday, March 20, 2017

Cathe Streaming

This week, when I return from vacation, I'll start an 8-week Cathe Challenge.  

Earlier this year, when I learned that FitnessGlo was going down, I started investigating other streaming workout sites.  I knew that Cathe streamed workouts but I had to investigate her site more before I fully understood what she offered.  

There are two options:

1.  Stream Live workouts from her gym.  

2.  OnDemand access to all of Cathe's DVDs.  

*If you purchase the OnDemand package, you also gain access to the Live workouts.  

My one gripe with Cathe's DVDs is that they require too much equipment - and to many are step workouts.  So I was not inclined to try the OnDemand option.  It's also quite a bit more expensive than just doing the Live workouts.  

The Streaming Live workouts cost $10/month.  That's not bad.  That's what I'm paying for The Gymbox.   To get me started, I asked for a gift card to the site, which I used to purchase a 6-month Live plan.  Cool!

Cathe's Streaming Live workouts are more appealing than her DVDs - to me, anyways.  She's more personable and she gives you water breaks.  Amazing.  So far, my one gripe (and I've only done two workouts but perused the site extensively), is that 75% of the workouts, if not more, require weights.  That's all good and fine but you can't do weights every day.  At max, you can do weights three times a week.  

Given this knowledge, I think Cathe's Streaming Live workouts will compliment my subscription to The Gymbox, which has more cardio and less cardio/weight integrated workouts - which is what Cathe has too much of.   They seem to be a good pair to subscribe to together.  

We'll see!  Stay tuned!

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