Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Door Sign

The cruise we're taking next Friday is for Mr. Higgins' dad's 70th birthday.  It's a big birthday and it needed a big cruise - so we're taking a 10-night cruise on a line that's a bit more upscale than what we're used to.

A fun thing to do on cruises is to decorate your cabin door.  All the doors are magnetic, making it easy to buy - or make - cool decorations to differentiate your door from all the others.  It's fun.  Except when people steel your stuff....which has happened to us.  

BUT.  I wanted to make something for my father-in-law's door.  Mr. Higgins suggested a big cupcake....  But I don't do well with cutting.  After trying to get ideas on websites, I came up with this.

Nice lines that I can cut - with a paper cutter and small things to do by hand.  Ha!  

I hope he likes it.  He deserves to have fun and hopefully some festive decorations will help set and keep the mood of happiness.  

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