Monday, March 13, 2017

One Week Before the Cruise! - Workouts

It's actually less than a week: we leave on Thursday night.  Eek!

After eating healthy all weekend, I'm hungry.  But I've got to keep this going for four more days...  

Monday: The Gymbox Cardio Dance + YWA

Today I cannot tell you how sore I was - either from weights or kickboxing yesterday, I don't know.  But I could barely lift my arms - or anything else.  Ouch!  So it was good that I'd planned to take it down a notch today, before my final three day push to the cruise.  I did a dance workout with Jodi, who is a really good instructor, successfully breaking down complicated steps.  My heart rate didn't get too high this morning but I had fun!  In the evening, I wanted to work a bit harder with yoga so I did this "energizing" sequence - it got me sweating!

Tuesday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn - Fat Blaster + walk + YWA

Changing it up this morning!  I wanted cardio so I turned to Michelle.  I love this CIB!  Since it was so early, I didn't know if I'd feel up to the peaks, but I did about 75% of them.  Wow!  Talk about a great workout!  At lunch, I meant to do weights but I was still so sore from Sunday, that I walked instead.  I felt like a disappointment - I'm weird that way - but at least I didn't hurt myself.  After work, I decided to do a tougher YWA - and this one made me sweat!  So many lunges - wow!

Wednesday: Cathe's Metabolic Circuit Blast + walk

For my weights today, I decided to do another streaming Cathe video.  This one was a lot like the one I did last week.  The cardio, though, was intense and I was sweating like crazy.  I'm still not 100% sold on Cathe's style but maybe my Cathe Challenge in a few weeks will change that.  One thing this workout showed me, though, was how tired I am.  I'm just rundown.  Sigh.  I may have to take it easier than I'd planned tomorrow.  At lunch, I walked ten minutes to and from a cafe to meet my old boss for lunch.  A lovely 20 minutes outside!

Thursday: Cathe's Intensity

My last workout before the cruise!  I needed to make the most of it, though I was really feeling rundown.  Cathe's Intensity is not my favorite but I can do it in the mornings - it's not too bad, if I do the low-impact HIIT.  And that's what I did this morning.  It was a good workout, without being crazy.  

And that's it!  We're off.  

For the first time ever, I'm thinking of workout out on a cruise - well, doing yoga.  I've gained some fantastic flexibility - I'm so close to the splits! - and I don't want to lose it all.  We'll see how it goes.  

On Tuesday, I finished my 30-Day Squat Challenge.  Yay!  I can't say my bum feels any different but we'll see after I spend time in my bikinis next week.  Ha!

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