Monday, March 6, 2017

Two Weeks Before the Cruise! - Workouts

Well, you guessed it.  Two weeks until the cruise.  Actually, less than that; we leave a week from Thursday.  Eek!

After being so depressed at the number on the scale last week, I may not get back on it.  I may stick to measurements only.  Thankfully, I have my measurements all in one notebook - and they go back years.  Sometimes it's not so good, actually.  Ha!

I have a few more days left of my Les Mills On Demand subscription so let's put those to good use!

Monday: Les Mills' Sh'Bam #22 + weights + YWA

My last Sh'Bam for a while - so sad.   I went back to the newest routine, which I'd only done one other time.  It was fun!  I kept it all low-impact because I needed a break.  It was still a good workout and it was nice to not kill myself.  Ha!  At lunch, I forced myself to the rec to do weights.  I hate them but it felt so good to get them over with for the week!  After work - and  a horrible commute - I did a 19-minute YWA.  Very nice!  And very calming, which is what I needed.

Tuesday: Les Mills' Combat #67 + YWA

And my last streaming Combat for a long while. Sigh.  This one was a good one - not too crazy for an early morning.  I was dreading the leg portion but it wasn't too bad.  All in all, it was a good, energizing workout for a Tuesday.  Work kept me from a lunch-time walk but I managed to do some YWA after work.  This YWA was tough - lots of lunges which really got to my legs.  Dang!  Adriene still manages to surprise me!

Wednesday:  Les Mills' BodyAttack #93 and 92 + YWA

My last Les Mills workout for this Challenge.  Sniff, sniff.  Instead of torturing myself with Grit, I decided to make myself work hard and fast with not one, but TWO BodyAttacks.  This is pure aerobics.  So much running and hopping and jacking....  Whew!  It gets hard to keep up as you get tired but I made it through the cardio of most of these two.   Yay!  A birthday lunch at work meant no workout but I did a nice, calming YWA after another crazy commute home.  It really helped to soothe my frazzled nerves.

Thursday:  Cathe's Ramped Up Cardio and Weights + walk + YWA

For Christmas, I'd asked for a gift certificate to Cathe's streaming videos.  I finally joined this month, and plan to do a Cathe Challenge after the cruise.  But I wanted to check it out and this workout seemed good on a morning when I needed weights.  And it was good!  I like Cathe live more than on her DVDs.  Ha!  After work, I did a 33-minute YWA, focusing on balancing.  I thought it'd be a bit lighter with balancing stuff....but it was a lot of flow and really got my heart rate going.  Nice!

Friday: BodyFit 360 Vol. 2 - Dance Conditioning + walk 

It was nice to go back to BodyFit this morning, after a two-month hiatus.  I kept this low-impact....and still started sweating like crazy.  There's no one like Michelle: fun with some serious work. The floorwork gets me every time!  I skipped two tracks but did most of this workout.  At lunch, I walked outside - it was gorgeous - for about 20-25 minutes.  

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix + The Gymbox Cardio Dance + YWA

After everything is said and done and another Challenge is over, it's always fun to go back to Michelle for a good Peak 10 workout.  This one is a favorite of mine and I really enjoyed it today....and I got a great 55-minute cardio workout.  After that, I tried a Gymbox dance workout with Kaycee.....and I'm learning that she's not my favorite for dance.  But I persevered for 15 minutes.  Then, a nice stretch and a lovely YWA.

Sunday: The Gymbox Advanced Kickboxing + weights + YWA

I wanted something different today.  I've done a few of Dana's workouts on the Gymbox and I like her style, though she's tough.  She has some kickboxing workouts so today, I decided to give this 60-minute workout a try.  Dang!  She warms you up well and then you do some major cardio before settling into some kickboxing combinations.  After every combination, you do intervals to get your heart rate up.  That was a very effective hour.  Wow!  After that, I did 10 minutes of weights with the 12-pound weights.  Then, a nice 7-minute stretch with Adriene.  And then my arms were killing me all day.  

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1359
Tuesday - 1310
Wednesday - 1290
Thursday - 1189
Friday - 1217
Saturday - 1235
Sunday - 1178

So I didn't freak out at my extra calories this week.  I'm beginning to think I'm eating too little when I stay at or under 1200.  Come the weekend, I was afraid to get on the scale as it's that time of the month.  But I did....and I was down almost 3 pounds from last weekend.  OMG!  I was ecstatic.  That means I'm 2.2 pounds away from my ideal 5-pound range.  Yay!

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