Thursday, April 4, 2013


About a month ago, Becky Higgins, creator of my beloved Project Life, announced an upcoming appearance on HSN.  On the show, there would be two core kits for sale....brand new core kits.  

At first, I was uninterested....  Until my mother-in-law (she's an internet master) found out which kits would be for sale.  These kits are in the new Project Life catalog, to be released for winter 2013.  There are no "old" kits in this catalog, everything is new.  

Now, I don't like change.  I like things to stay the same - especially my scrapbook products!  So when I found out which kits were being sold, I looked them up.  Out of all the new kits being offered in the winter, the one I liked most (Blush) was going to be sold on HSN.  

And I couldn't believe the deal being offeredFor $60 you got a binder, the kit, 60 page protectors, and dividers.  Wow!  When the kits became available on HSN, I got one.  I couldn't resist!  I'm all set for 2014 and it feels great!  (Especially considering I still have to find another retired Cherry edition binder for this year!  Eek!)

Yes, I'm slightly addicted to Project Life.  I love it! 

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