Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scrapbook Retreat, Spring 2013

I'm back from another scrapbook retreat at Memory Lane Inn in Tyler.  I started a scrapbook of two Colorado trips...and finished the scrapbook by the end of our stay.  Now that's what I call productivity!  

It was a fun time.  Unlike our last stay, the inn was full, which made for a different experience.  There were some interesting ladies there...but we got along with most of them.  Our room had a private upstairs patio which is where we ate most of our meals.  

Tyler is gorgeous in the spring.  The azaleas are in full bloom along with the dogwoods, wildflowers, and tons of other flowers.  For anyone who has never been to East Texas, spring is the time to go!  All the way there, the bluebonnets were in bloom along the highway.  For sure, all of Texas is at its best in the spring before the hot summer sun turns everything brown.

Now, off to scrapbook the retreat in Project Life!   

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