Friday, July 12, 2013

Alaska Cruise: Hubbard Glacier

On our Alaska cruise, we lucked out in a lot of ways.  Great weather, smooth water, and a healthy bunch of passengers and crew.  (Radiance had some problems on the cruise after ours - Norovirus broke out on the sailing back to Vancouver.  Eek!)  However, Alaska had an especially long winter.  This means that most bears were still hibernating (we only saw two from a distance) and it means that the ice field in front of Hubbard Glacier was still.....icy.  

We were unable to get very close to Hubbard Glacier...which is 600 feet tall, 76 miles long, and 7 miles wide!  On Mr. Higgins' previous Alaska cruise, three years prior and the same week as ours, they got within a half-mile of the glacier.  They were looking up at it.  We had to stop very far out.  The glacier was in the distance...impressive but not quite what I had hoped.  

But, then again, better than hitting an iceberg!

The bay and glacier were so beautiful!

That night, we sailed past some magnificent mountains.  These topped out at 18,000 feet, straight out of the water.  That's taller than anything in Colorado!  I was in awe. 

It was a very good day and night.  I love sailing past snow-covered mountains!!

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