Thursday, July 11, 2013

Veggie Recipes

Since I'm not buying much meat these days, some weekend nights I'll make us a selection of veggies.  Since we'd recently had baked okra (a summertime favorite of mine), I looked for other inspiration.  

- Green beans.  I hated - hated - green beans growing up.  But, then, my working mom always served canned green beans, never fresh.  In fact, the first time I had fresh green beans was on a cruise ship!  Since I was pretty sure I liked them, I bought some at the store and looked for a recipe.  I stumbled upon this one for Garlic Lemon Green BeansI was a bit apprehensive about the butter, so I scaled that back a bit.  The green beans turned out good, though not great.  I couldn't really taste any lemon and maybe just a hint of garlic.  I'll have to keep looking for a must-keep recipe!

- I love my Skillet Potatoes.  However, last time I made them, the house smelled like potatoes for three days!  So I looked for another way to cook the red potatoes I found at the store.  I'd pinned this recipe for Roasted Greek Potatoes and decided to give it a whirl.  The only thing I changed was nixing the mint; that seemed a bit strange to my tastes.  And though I felt like I was dumping thyme and oregano into the mixture, the potatoes were amazing!!  My only suggestion is to use plenty of non-stick spray!  This recipe is a keeper!!

And so it was a successful cooking day!  I still have lots of sweets on my summer cooking/baking list....but after spending July 4th with my parents, those will have to wait until I've shed a few pounds!  Ha!


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