Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alaska Cruise: From Skagway to the Yukon

One of our last stops on the Alaska cruise was Skagway, a small but charming town.  We got off the ship and immediately boarded a train that took us into Canda.

Once in Canada, we got off the train and boarded a van to head into the Yukon.  Wow!

It was a beautiful place, for sure.  We stopped at several lakes and saw waterfalls, snow, and wildlife.

 The end of our journey into Canada was Carcross, a very tiny town.  It's inhabitants are natives who enjoy their isolation.  We got our passport stamped here, which was pretty cool.

We then headed back to Skagway, a town that popped up during the gold rush.  It used to be quite the rowdy place...but now it's a sleepy town when the cruise ships aren't around.  

We saw so much this day!  It was a lot of fun!

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