Sunday, June 30, 2013

Car Shopping

I bought a new car the other day....and today I sold my old one.  It's a sad....but happy day!

Since I commuted so far for so long, I put a lot of miles on my old car.  I bonded with that car.  I will miss it very much.  I will especially miss the beautiful blue of it's slick body style....a color Honda no longer makes.  

I bought a black Honda to replace it.  My first Honda, back in 2000 was black and she was a very good car.  So, I'm hoping my new black one will live up to it's proud ancestry.  

My dad buys and sells cars frequently and he has many, many cars.  I'm not sure you bond with your car when you have as many as he does.  Most of us only have one car.  They take us so many places....with so many people.  When I think of how many people have ridden in my car....and how many of them are long gone...  Well, it's an interesting thought.  That car outlasted relationships and friendships.  

On a different note, I negotiated my new car all by myself.  No dad, no husband, just me.  And I got a fantastic deal.  I couldn't be happier with any of it.  I then sold my old car to a student at my alma mater, which makes it all seem like destiny.  


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