Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alaska Cruise: Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls

When you hear people talk about their cruises to Alaska, you hear half of them bemoan the weather.  It's usually very rainy and dreary.  Sun is rare....though it's technically "up" from 3am to 11:30pm.  Our only rainy day came in Juneau.....the day I would see my first glacier.  

But, as the captain of our ship said, "there is no bad weather, only bad clothing."  And with that in our minds, and umbrellas and slickers at hand, we set out for Mendenhall Glacier.

This was our first glimpse.  I was amazed!  

It started drizzling on our hike out to the glacier (about a 15 minute walk), but it stopped after only a few minutes.  I'm so glad we did not let the weather deter us.  I loved this place!

Nugget Falls, right beside the glacier, was a sight to behold!  I was in awe of this view!!

And it's not everyday you see icebergs.....(look closely) with eagles perched on top!

The clouds threatened again as we walked back, but I was happy!  Glaciers are not something a Texan sees everyday! 

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