Friday, June 14, 2013

Alaska Cruise: Misty Fjords

 In Ketchikan, we hopped on a seaplane to tour Misty Fjords National Monument.  I really have no idea why this area is a monument versus a park or preserve.  Nonetheless, I was still a bit nervous about the plane....but I was determined to enjoy the experience. 

And, wow, what an experience!  Taking off and landing on water is AMAZINGLY smooth!  I never would have thought!

After leaving Ketchikan, we headed to Misty Fjords.  Thankfully, the weather cleared up and we had sun - sun!  Our pilot was amazed by the it's apparently pretty rare!

The scenes outside my window were incredible.  I quickly snapped photos, afraid I would miss something.

Halfway through our flight, we landed on pristine Manzoni Lake.  I've never seen anything so beautiful!  I clenched my teeth, descended the steps of the plane, and took some photos from the pontoon. 

Soon, we were in the air again.  We flew over a waterfall....and rainbow!

The entire experience was a bit surreal.  We landed and soon we were back on the ship.  What a great day! 

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