Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alaska Cruise: Sail Away from Vancouver

 We boarded our ship around 11am and headed straight to the Windjammer for lunch.  After that, we explored the ship.  

I must say, I love this class of ship.  Royal Carribean does such a great job!

Above, the beautiful Centrum.

Though we usually don't eat in the dining room, it is very pretty!

As if Vancouver had not impressed us enough, it was even prettier from sea!


And they even have floating gas stations!  


I loved seeing mountains rising from the sea....  We would see a lot of this over the course of the week and, yet, I never tired of it.

We even got to sail beneath a bridge as we left the harbor.  It was my first time under a bridge while on a cruise ship.  For some reason, this seems significant.  

Oh, yes, and Vancouver has very beautiful seagulls. 

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