Monday, July 22, 2013

Metroplex Traffic

I have a rant today.  I apologize...but I'm sure many of you can sympathize.

It seems the entire Metroplex is under construction.  Our once laid-back side of town is now one huge construction zone.  Add to that the fact that more and more people are moving here since our economy is about the only one in the country NOT in the tank and .....ugh.  Rag on Texas all you want - I hate a lot of her politics myself - but it's the only state in the country that could exist without the rest of the country.  Our economy is that good.

But don't get me off track.  That economy is all well and good until we get a sudden influx of job-seekers....which coincides with massive highway upgrades and expansions all across the Metroplex, even on our laid-back side.  

This means traffic is a nightmare.  You can't go anywhere without hitting construction and lane closures.  

So imagine my horror when I'm driving along OUTSIDE of a construction zone and encounter morons.  People texting, people who think driving is actually the best time to talk to relatives in Wisconsin.....people who view driving as their second priority while behind the wheel.  They forget that they're driving a weapon - a metal box that can very easily kill.

The other morning, I came across something that's becoming very typical: slow people holding up traffic in the fast lane(s).  Going below the speed limit in the fast lane is unacceptable.  If there's no one in front of you and people behind you, get your butt out of the way.  

Since the other lanes were blocked, I moved to the right lane, knowing my exit was only a few miles away.  I zoomed past the middle and fast lanes.  Then someone comes over from the fast lane and paces me, with their blinker on.  

Uh....there's no room here, hon.  Slow down and get behind me, I think.  There's maybe one car length between me and the guy in front of me.  And this bozo thinks she can sit there and blink at me to let her in?

And this is where my logical brain brakes down. A blinker shows your intent to do something.  It's a warning: hey, I'm coming over.  It does NOT mean, hey, can you get out of the way so I can cut in front?  Unless, of course, you are literally sitting at a dead stop in traffic and the only way to get over is to blink until someone is nice enough to let you over.  That is the ONLY exception to this rule.

So when speeding along on the highway, you blink when you're going to do something, not when you want to do something.  It's not the job of other drivers to make a hole in which your gas-guzzling, air polluting surburban can fit.  You need to find a place where it can fit.  Then, once you do, blink and get over.  Blinking is not a question mark.  It's a statement. 

So, I got flipped off.  The chick finally slowed down, flipped me off, and got behind me.  I guess some part of me is glad that she knew how to use a blinker.  I'm thinking 30% of the population has no idea how operate that particular function on their car, let alone knows it exists.

Ah, the fun of driving.  My road rage is only getting worse.  Oy.

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