Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Colada (2014:30)

We were set to have company over to watch "Game of Thrones" and I wanted to be a good hostess and offer a cocktail.  Looking for drinks online is a daunting prospect - so many choices, so many's overwhelming!

When I ran across a recipe with pineapple, my interest always peaks: I love pineapple!  And then I saw this recipe for Happy Coladas.  I like blue curacao; I like rum.  And so I gave these a whirl!

My batch of coladas turned out to be more green than blue, prompting Mr. Higgins to re-name it Romulan Ale.  His joking ended when he sipped the green drink and liked it.  I decreased the coconut rum and added some aged rum so the drink would have more of a punch.  And it did!

After two of these, I was pleasantly loopy - and happy!  These will be made quite frequently at our house!

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