Monday, August 4, 2014

Week Three: Jari Love Challenge

This week is going to blow my diet out of the water.  On Wednesday morning, I leave for a conference in Las Vegas.  Mr. Higgins will join me shortly thereafter.  We're finding too many good places to eat, too many good foods, and too many good drinks.  Oy. 

I have a tiny bit of hope for working out in the room but there will also be tons of walking every day. Wish me luck!  It's going to be very, very hot there!

Monday: Jari Love's Get Ripped! 1000

This morning came way too fast and I was exhausted as I started stumbling through this workout.  But it got easier as I went along (to not stumble, that is) and pretty soon, the sweat was dripping off of me.  Fun! 

Tuesday:  Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped! 1000 Hardcore - Workout 1

Another night of restless sleep meant this morning was another difficult one on which to work out.  I did the first workout on Jari's 1000 Hardcore video.  It includes four weight sections and three cardio segments.  The cardio is always what gets me in this video - the segments seem overly long.  But it felt good.  I followed that up with ten minutes of Ilyse Baker's Ultimate Dance Extravaganza on Glo, picking up where I left off on Saturday.  It really is fun!

Wednesday (Las Vegas): Walking

We walked so much this first day that I may have gotten shin splints.  I don't know; I've never had them.  But my upper feet and ankles were still hurting four days later!

Thursday (Las Vegas): Walking

Not as much as yesterday, but still, a lot of walking.

Friday (Las Vegas): Anytime Anywhere Workout On-the-Go by Michelle Dozois

This little pamphlet showing the Anytime Anywhere workout came with the PeakFit System.  And I'm glad I packed it on the trip.  It got me sweating very quickly for a great 30 minute workout on this early morning in Vegas.   Oh, and I walked some more - well, tons!  Ha!

Saturday (Las Vegas and then home): Walking

Our flight was delayed and delayed…  We walked around the Strip and then around the airport.  Fun.

Sunday: Peak 10 More Cardio Strength by Michelle Dozois

It felt good - in every place but my feet - to do this workout at home on Sunday.  It felt great to sweat (when not wearing good clothes in Vegas) and get in a good, challenging workout.  This is still my least favorite of the cardio strengths but it's a good change. 

Calorie Counts:

We're just not going to go there.  Next week I will hit a very big reset button!

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