Friday, August 29, 2014

Empress of Rome

Lately, I've really been enjoying the Roman historical fiction novels of Kate Quinn.  She has a great talent for weaving itneresting history and witty dialogue.  My latest read of hers, Empress of Rome, was great.  It's the third book in her Rome series and, while the first one was probably my favorite, I really enjoyed the third installment.

This is what I wrote on Goodreads:

Kate Quinn's third Roman novel is just as good as the previous two. Quinn has a talent for weaving historical facts and fiction; her dialogue is witty and fluid while her descriptions are vivid and real. Her writing style relies more on dialogue than description but that keeps the novel flowing and entertaining.

I really enjoyed reading about Sabina Vibia and her sister, Faustina. Titus and Vix were polar opposites and intriguing. The emperor Trajan came to life here, as did his heir, Hadrian.

A very fun read!

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