Monday, August 11, 2014

Week Four: Jari Love Challenge

After the overindulgence in Vegas the previous week, I really needed to get back on the healthy bandwagon this week - and fast!  The Sunday before was a good precursor - a Dozois cardio strength and calories totaling about 1450.  But I'll have to keep it up!

I'm ditching my yoga/fusion/stretch workout this week in order to get in some additional cardio to burn more calories.  Maybe I can do some extra stretching on the weekend; it just always feels so good! 

My feet are still hurting from Vegas and now my legs ache from Michelle Dozois' workout on Sunday.  But here we go...

Monday: Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped 1000 - Workout 2

Waking up, it felt way too early; I'm obviously still on Vegas time, two hours behind.  I stumbled into some workout clothes and started moving as soon as possible.  I like this workout, though the lateral lifts always get the better of me.  I filled in the rest of my 50 minute workout time-slot with additional leg work and the push-ups/sit-ups at the end of Workout 2.

Tuesday: Amy Dixon's All Around Energy on FitnessGlo

Wanting some cardio, but not crazy intense cardio, I found this level 2 (out of 3) workout on Glo and thought I'd try it.  It alternates cardio and body strength segments.  This was the first full-length Amy Dixon workout I've tried and, while I mostly like her style, I don't like her non-stop gabbing through the entire thing.  I mean, she literally never stopped talking.  I'm used to cueing, not constant gabbing, and I found it distracting.  That being said, I may do this one again.  The intensity is good for those days you don't want to feel like you're dying when working out.

Wednesday: Michelle Dozois' Total Body Cardio & Strength on FitnessGlo

I actually tried to do a different Dozois workout on Glo this morning, but, for the first time, Glo messed up and wouldn't load the video.  Since I was barely conscious and not capable of complete brain functions at 5:30am, I chose to do this workout again, for the second time.  It's a very good one - classic Michelle style and efficiency. 

Thursday:  Jari Love's Get RIPPED! Slim & Lean

This morning came and I was a tiny bit more conscious than yesterday morning.  I got through three strength segments with Jari, alternating with my own cardio intervals.  My hamstrings have been super tight and painful since Tuesday, I think, so I tried to get a good stretch in afterword.  I have no idea what's going on; my hamstrings are usually quite cooperative.

Friday: The Firm's Bootcamp: Maximum Calorie Burn

The last time I did this workout, I realized it would be the perfect morning workout.  The cool down pops up at about 45 minutes into it, which is perfect!  I was a bit more alert this morning which was good - there's some high impact cardio in this!  And I always forget how hard it works me!

Saturday:  Michelle Dozois' Cardio Interval Burn on FitnessGlo

I was really looking forward to this workout and I liked it as much as I remembered, thank goodness!  I did the workout + bonus block + stretch.  Whew!  I also added on a 10 minute ab workout.  That's 1.25 hours of working out, peeps!

Sunday:  Michelle Dozois' Cardio Strength 2 on FitnessGlo

This was my first time doing this workout and, oh my goodness, it's a doozy.  There's more floor work than any other CS and it was super tough.  Sweat was pouring off of me 15 minutes into it.  This was also my first attempt at one-arm burpees.  I was mostly able to do them, though my left arm is definitely weaker.  

Calorie Counts:

Monday: 1345
Tuesday: 1345 (eating the same things; I like routine!)
Wednesday: 1393
Thursday: 1395
Friday: bad!
Saturday:  1405
Sunday:  1398

This week I really needed to stay on my diet and I'm proud that I did.  Next week will throw me some curve balls so I need to be prepared.  

I definitely got my money's worth out of FitnessGlo this week!  And I really do love it.  If you need to shake-up your workouts, Glo is a great way to do it.  For only $12 a month, you have TONS of workouts at your fingertips.  And you can cancel anytime!

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