Friday, January 15, 2016

Hello, 2016

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit behind this year.  I haven't posted any goals for this year or my Archies for last year.  The Archies are in progress, I just haven't finished yet.  The goals.....may not happen.  

I seem to never meet any of my goals (outside of the cooking ones) so they don't really seem relevant. My goals last year.....

1.  Lose my holiday and cruise weight.  Along those lines, do Les Mills' Combat program, which I received as a Christmas gift, and complete at least one Peak 10 Challenge.  Continue to utilize my rec center membership for weights and yoga.  Sure, I lost my weight eventually....but my thyroid continued to play havoc with my weight.  Any future goal should be "maintain my weight within this 10-pound range."  Sigh.  But at least I did two Combat Challenges, two Peak 10 Challenges, and yoga at the rec for the first five months of the year (before my favorite teacher left).

2.  Read 22 books this year.  At least 5 of those need to be non-fiction.  I read 18.  6 of those were non-fiction, so at least there's that!

3.  Try 10 new recipes.....not as many as last year but there's only so many great recipes one can find, especially considering how little cooking I actually do.  I tried 21 new recipes last year.  Hurray!

4.  Knit my first adult sweater.  I'm getting there, knitting on the last part: the body.  It feels good to be done with the sleeves, shoulders, and neckline, for sure.  But I'm not done.

5.  The biggie: finish my novel and contact publishers.  I'm done....but I haven't contacted publishers because I can't find good readers.  Sure, I know tons of people who would happily read my novel, but they're all extremely busy.  

And so I guess I'm just disillusioned by not meeting ALL my goals for the second year.  I'll keep doing all of these things, but I'm not setting goals.  

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