Monday, January 18, 2016

Week Two: Combat Challenge #3

Considering the number I saw on the scale last week (I knew I should have waited longer to get on the blasted thing), I'm super motivated to work as hard as possible this week.  I'm even going to try to shave a few calories off my diet a few days this week when possible.  Anything to make a dent in that number on the scale!!

Monday: Sh'Bam #18 + Dozois' Calorie Burning Cardio Blast

I had a rough night so it was tough to get going this morning.  Thankfully, the music in Sh'Bam is so much fun that it got me moving.  I'd done #18 in the last round of Combat so it was familiar - and fun!  I finished off the morning with Dozois' cardio circuits - effective and challenging.  Meetings today meant no lunch workout.

Tuesday:  BodyCombat #63 + Scott's HIIT - Sports Inspired Intervals + walk

This morning was traumatic.  Somehow, despite being an emotional wreck, I got this workout done: Combat and HIIT.  Wow.  This Combat had floorwork, which I've never seen in the cardio of a Combat routine.  I skipped it in favor of real cardio.  Scott's HIIT is always different and fun.  At lunch, I walked at the rec, trying to burn more calories!

Wednesday:  Grit #5 + Dozois' Burn Calories, Release Stress

Ah, my dreaded Wednesday workouts.  This Grit was tough - like all the rest.  At one point, I just had to stop and breathe.  Wow.  It's just insane.  After that torture session, I turned to Dozois' level 2 workout because it can easily be taken up a notch if you want to work harder.  I alternated, trying to give my body a rest while also staying active.  It was a good morning.

Thursday: Amy's Complete Strength and Conditioning + walk

Today was a good day.  I wanted something different with weights and since I hadn't done this workout by Amy, I decided to give it a whirl!  It was fun, different, and effective.  I hope.  Ha!  Either way, it was a nice change!  At lunch, I walked the track at the rec center with a co-worker.  It was good to break a light sweat!

Friday: Dozois' BodyFit 360 Vol 3: Athletic Conditioning + walk

I was so ready for a light morning…but my weight was bugging me.  So I did about 20-25 minutes of the cardio from Athletic Conditioning and then all the 20 minute stretch.  I always forget how intense this cardio is, so I was yearning for an end.  The stretch is superb and it felt so good after all my hard work this week.  At lunch, I walked around outside for 25 minutes - the weather was lovely!

Saturday:  Cathe's Intensity + Amy's Total Body Sculpting

Last night, I dreamt of this workout… Intensity was very familiar when I got to it this morning.  So strange!!  I did all the cardio - step and Low-HIIT and High-HIIT.  It's rough but at least the HIIT gives you a break between each move.  I added on my own cardio to get in a full hour of work.  Then, Amy's 20-minute sculpting workout.  I was able to use my new 12lbs weights for some of this - yay!  Then, ten minutes of stretching and ab work.  

Sunday:  Combat 60 Live - Ultimate Warrior's Workout + McLean's Bodyweight Assault Challenge

It's so nice not dreading a weekend workout!  Combat 60 Live is a lot of fun, but a challenge as well.  The leg section is super hard and my arms rarely do not hurt afterward.  But it's still a good time!  The cardio lasted for 45 minutes, at which point I tuned into McLean's HIIT for 15 more minutes of work.  Then, a stretch and sit-ups.  I would have preferred another 15 minutes of cardio but we had too much to do today.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1181
Tuesday - 1259
Wednesday - 1194
Thursday - 1165
Friday - 1245
Saturday - 1146
Sunday - 1202

I tried - and succeeded - in shaving off another 100 calories most days.  After seeing the scale on Tuesday morning - desperate measures were called for.  And, thankfully, my suffering and starvation paid off: I was down almost three pounds on Saturday morning.  Thank goodness!  

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