Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Orange Bundt Cake

I need to find some good cake recipes.  After one failed birthday cake attempt, I'm determined to get better at making cakes.  

Since I'd never used my bundt pan, I decided my first cake should be a bundt.  I looked and looked and finally settled upon this Easy Orange Bundt Cake.

This is "easy" because you start with a cake mix and add to it.  Nice!  I found a butter golden cake mix - Duncan Hines - and used that along with vanilla pudding (there was no French Vanilla at my store).  For the juice, I used my low-calorie Tropicana.  And for the extract, I used vanilla....though I was tempted to do the orange.  I love orange stuff!

I left off the glaze - too many calories - but Mr. Higgins loved it without it.  Then, I took a lot of the cake to work and people raved about it.  Men, who never comment on the goodies I bring in to work, were emailing me, saying this was the best cake ever.  

Dang.  I guess it was really good!!  

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