Monday, October 31, 2016

Vacation Weeks Workouts

Y'all know I do not work out on vacation....unless I'm hiking in a beautiful place.  I jump, hop, and burpee enough the rest of the year; vacation is all about relaxation for the mind and body.  

Our vacation this month is from a Wednesday to the following Wednesday, which means two work weeks of two days.  Wow!  That's nice!  

Monday: Ilyse's Your Best, Sweaty Self + Dozois' HIIT - Breathless and Energized

Now that Peak 10 is over with, I feel a bit bereft.  Thankfully, Ilyse's workout kept me working hard this morning.  Whew!  Tucks jumps AND air jacks, oh my!  After that finished up, I did Michelle's HIIT workout, which is just fantastic.  I like her HIIT circuits, which combine two moves, generally, instead of just one, done over and over.

Tuesday: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix + weights

I was missing Pure Cardio this morning so I did something different - this CIB without the peaks...which means it's just like Pure Cardio!  Cool!  And I just love this CIB - the dance moves are so much fun.  At lunch, I forced myself to do weights and was proud of getting to the rec.  Yay!  My last workout before vacation!

VACATION(!) for a week

Thursday: Dozois' Rockin Body Cardio

Back from vacation... I did my traditional first-workout-after-vacation: Michelle's old but good Rockin Body Cardio.  It's fun and gets you moving without killing you. Ha!   It's a good way to ease back into the workout regime.

Friday: Ilyse's Dance Intervals 101 + Groovy Dance Party + walk

I needed more cardio - tons more! - so I tuned into two of my favorite workouts from Ilyse.  Dance Intervals is non-stop jumping for the first 7 minutes (after the warm-up) - talk about a challenge.  After that workout, I did her Groovy Dance - so much fun.  At lunch, I walked for 20 minutes outside.  

Saturday: Ilyse's Your Best, Sweaty Self + Full-On Cardio Blast + Amy's Cardio Intervals + Core!

Today, I wanted to work long and hard.  I opted out of a Peak 10 workout, wanting more of a break from it after the Challenge.  So I pieced together my own cardio workout with two videos from Ilyse and one of Amy's - for a total of 75 minutes of jumping and jogging.  Whew!  I'll not lie - my feet were aching.  So I did Amy's Core! workout - effective and not too daunting.  Then, a nice stretch. 

Sunday: Cathe's Intensity + Amy's Total Body Sculpting

After yesterday's cardio fest, I was afraid my feet would really protest today.  And they did a bit, but I was able to get through Cathe's workout - all the cardio plus some of my own for a total of 60 minutes.  Yay!  I then did some weights with Amy - 15 minutes (out of 20).  It felt so good to stretch after all that!

Calories Counts:

Thursday: 1358
Friday: 1191
Saturday: 1177
Sunday: 1322

Vacation was great - and as usual, we ate and drank way too much.  But that's what vacation is for!  So it's back to being strict until next weekend, when we'll have company to celebrate my belated birthday.

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