Monday, January 20, 2014

Michelle Dozois: Rockin Body Cardio (Review)

You well know of my love for Michelle Dozois' exercise videos.  She is the best, I think, at cardio.  Late last year, I needed a lighter cardio workout to do on days between Jari Love's rigorous workouts and Michelle's Peak 10 videos.  I turned to an oldie, but goodie: Michelle's Rockin Body Cardio (2007)

This video is made up of a warm-up, 6 cardio intervals, a cool-down, and stretch.  It runs for 51 minutes, which is just perfect for my early morning workouts.  There's also an express workout included in the video; it's 30 minutes long.

The warm-up is great: very light cardio followed by just a few stretches for your calves and hamstrings.  This is an especially good warm-up to do at 5:30 AM - ha!

The six intervals are not physically challenging but I always sweat a lot.  Michelle gets your heart-rate up and keeps it up.  This is basic cardio with some easy dance moves.  You jog a lot, kick, jab, and squat with some lunges.  The most challenging section has you doing squats with knee raises followed by lunges.  This is not hard but good, pure cardio fun.  

Unlike Michelle's Peak 10 videos there is no jumping or going to the floor.  I love it because I can do it in the midst of harder videos to let my body take a deep breath before another crazy weight workout.

Bottom Line: This is a good intermediate cardio workout.  Once you've gotten past the beginner stage and enhanced your stamina, you're ready for this 50 minute workout!

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