Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Summer Garden

I've fallen behind in telling you about my reading of late!  On the December cruise, I finished a book and got through another.  

While away, I finally finished The Summer Garden, the end of Simons' trilogy about Russian lovers Tatiana and Alexander.  Here's the review I posted:

Amazingly, the conclusion of Tatiana and Alexander's story took me a long time to read. I could never quite reconcile the characters in this final book with those of the first two novels. I really did not like Alexander for most of this book...and, really, the entire thing did not sit well with me. The feminist in me hated how Tatiana always acquiesced to Alexander...and how Alexander always expected to be forgiven, no matter his manner of sins against her.

The end was fitting - but the first book is, by far, the best in this trilogy. 

Simons is, by her own account, a lengthy writer.  So much of this story, especially the marital relations bits, could have been condensed.  Really, after reading so much of these two characters over the course of three books, do we need to continually read about their day-to-day sex lives?  I just started skipping it.  

But I'm glad to have finished the trilogy!

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