Monday, January 27, 2014

Self: Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast (Review)

Despite the sexy part of this title, I found this DVD because I really enjoy the workouts of Violet Zaki, who I was first introduced to in the Star Trainers series.  She's a martial artist so her moves are always more kickboxing than dance (like Michelle Dozois).  But Violet is great for toning and this DVD - Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast (2007) - proves it. 

Violet begins with a warm-up that will get you nice and stretched out.  I love her accent, by the way!  Her cueing is great - not overdone and never annoying!

Next comes a toning section without weights.  Here you will do a ton of squats - literally.  The first move is a squat with leg raise....over and over again.  Then single leg squats, kicks, and lunges into a kick.  She intersperses the heavy toning moves with some jumps and jacks, just to keep your legs from burning.

After this long section, you'll do about five minutes of cardio.  Again, this is more martial arts inspired, instead of dance-y.  The end portion is especially difficult - squat jumps to heel clicks.  Ouch!

Violet then leads you through a section with weights.  Especially hard for me is a side lunge with bicep curl.  Violet's legs are so far apart and I try to do the same - and it burns!  

Next up is floorwork.  You'll do bridges, leg presses, etc.  These always make my bum burn but it's a great burn! 

After this you get a nice cool-down and stretch. 

Violet is great but she's tough.  Since most of this workout is toning, don't expect your heart-rate to go into overdrive, except in the cardio section.  But I like doing sections of this DVD after some cardio.  It really is a great workout and I highly recommend it.

Bottom Line
:  Violet will definitely make your bum burn and your legs will get thoroughly worked out.  I wouldn't try this until you've done a lot of cardio and can get through tough reps of squats.  Therefore, this qualifies as an intermediate workout.

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