Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December Daily Progress (2013)

The holidays are such a busy time!  Last year, I was on top of my December Daily album, having gotten the pages ready a month or so in advance - the pages only needed pictures.  This year, I was not so organized.  Also, October Afternoon made thier December kits available much later than last year, so it arrived later. 

And so I'm still putting the small album together.  I am disappointed in OA's kit this year.  There are not enough embellishments and I'm not thrilled with their Eggnog line of papers, which is the only paper that came with the kit.  But I'm plugging along and it'll be a cute album. 
The cover turned out well, I think, though I had to turn to embellishments that were not part of the kit to complete it.  Hopefully I finish this soon!  I'm running out of creativity!

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